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Translate Synctoy

We are seeking for enthusiastic people who like the program and love their language. If you can help us to translate Synctoy to your language please do so. Synctoy Pro license will be granted to all active translators.

Special thanks to participating translators:
- Kai Evers
- Michael Esser
- Mario Pena
- Laurent Taupin
- Alain Escadafal
- Giulia Scerrato
- Arjan Nales
- Vladimir Putin
- Gui Dudal
- Welman Jordan
- Toomas Tomberg

How to make user interface translation:
- Download and install the latest version of Synctoy (install beta if available).
- Locate your [culture name] from the table on this page. For instance, [culture name] for French will be "fr".
- Copy Languages/en.xml file to Languages/[culture name].xml in Synctoy installation folder.
- If [culture name].xml already exists please use translated phrases and terms from there. However, fell free to correct previous translation if necessary.
- Using XML or text editor, translate the phrases those are in English.
- Check the file is a correct XML document by opening it in Internet Explorer.
- Run the program and switch to your language from the main menu.
- Make sure the user interface is translated correctly.
- Send us the translated file ([culture name].xml), it will be available for everybody in next release.

Thank you in advance. Questions/suggestions - contact us.

Latest Release

Synctoy ver 2.0.6

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