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Jim Corter, Executive Coach (Corter Consulting):
"What's amazing is how you made it so simple."
Unbelievable utility. Been trying to figure out MS Briefcase for months and finally gave up. Then I found Synctoy. EASY to use and IT WORKS!!

Ron Lichtwardt (User):
"This is EXACTLY the utility I have been looking for"
It is designed for exactly my purpose: transferring files between 2 PCs on a USB key. THANK YOU for making something so easy to use, apparently accurate - and for free!!? WOW! I have used it a few times in the last 15 minutes since discovering it on, enough to know it's doing what I was trying to do with SynchronEX or FolderMatch but they are way too complicated for this purpose.

T'Pol (CNET User):
"Intuitive Design, and function"
The interface is intuitive and instructive. The functionality is exactly what I was looking for.

J (CNET User):
"Very easy, actually syncs folders!"
I tried a few others, but this one actually does what it says it does. Extremely easy to use!

Mr R Brown of Halstead, Essex, UK:
Your utility has got to be one of the most useful pieces of software I have ever tried. It does exactly as stated and very quickly too. I'm using it to keep copies of around 4500 files in 25 directories in sync - brilliant tool, saved me the job of writing my own.

Ole1kanobe (CNET User):
"As advertised, mirrors 2 folders"
This does exactly what it says, and doesn't cost $40.00.

jflet (CNET User):
"Efficient, Effective Simplicity"
Just the kind of program I have been looking for to sync files across drives on my network without expense. Especially for the cost of the license, this is fantastic.

Rich Nelmes, UK:
What a fantastic utility! I have downloaded half a dozern utilities which promised much but turned out to be novelties of no useful value. In contrast Synctoy is very useful. A friend recommended your product which I was amazed to find does 'just what it says on the tin' and so simply.

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