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How to install Synctoy?

Download the distribution from the download page. Ignore Internet Explorer security warning. This software does not contain any viruses, spyware, or addware. See end user license agreement for details. When the download window appears, be sure to click the "Open" or "Open this program from its current location" choice. If you select save, please note where you are saving the program. Follow the installation instruction. By default the application will be installed to "Program Files" folder on you system drive.

How to uninstall?

Close all running instances of Synctoy. If you use multiuser configuration you have to exit running instances in inactive user accounts also. Select Programs/Synctoy/Uninstall in Start menu. Follow the uninstaller instruction.

Do I need to uninstall old version before installing new one?

No, unless you want to install into a different folder. Usually new version will keep options and settings of the previous one.

How can I use Synctoy for data backup?

See Data Backup with Synctoy

What happens if network connection is dropped during synchronization?

You won't lose any files. When Synctoy replaces a file first it copies it to a temporary file on the destication folder. Only when copying is completed it replaces the target file with the temporary one. So in case of connection failure only the temporary file will be damaged. Just syncronize again when connection is restored.

How does Synctoy determine is a file is changed?


Why my spyware guard application says Synctoy may contain spyware?

This is because Synctoy checks for software updates time-to-time. No personal information is send over the Internet. See end user license agreement for details.

What type of data can be synchronized?


How do I synchronize 2 computers using USB drive?


How does the application handle deleted files and folders?

Synctoy recognizes that you deleted a file or a folder from one location and deletes it from the other. See more details in the algorithm description.

Why sometimes it's not sure which version of a changed file is the right one?

This behavior is by design. The reason is because we value your data and we use algorithm that guarantee you don't lose your files even if system clock on your computer is not accurate (leading incorrect file modification times). To do that we need to collect information from all you computers, so you need to run Synctoy ones on every computer and after that it can be sure where the last version of a file is. But on first run in given folder Synctoy can only compare file modification times those could be inaccurate. Therefore is asks user to confirm algorithm's decision. See more details in the algorithm description.

What is "" folder that appeared in my files?

This folder contains synchronization database that is need for proper algorithm functioning without user assistance.

I'm doing a massive backup, when it get up to around XXX,000 files analyzed it just crashes out. Why?

This crash happens because you ran out of memory. The software is designed to synchronize your personal or work-related files and directories those number usually doesn't exceed few thousand. Our sophisticated algorithm of synchronization requires various data collected for each file. So when you have so many file memory consumption is big. Eventually it runs out. Please try to separate files those can be changed and have to be synchronized and those files are static (software distributions, program folders) and exclude the last from synchronization.

What should I do if I haven't find an answer for my question?

Please contact us.

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